The Local Cluster

  • Konkast ~ A militaristic planet of high technology. They have taken over dozens of solar systems, and have started laying siege to the colonies of Ulugool. Their latest conquest was Lathlor.
  • Lathlor ~ This planet, with large ice caps, numerous small continents, and few natural resources, has been mostly left alone for the last 500 years. Ruled by three kings known as the Triumverate, they maintained their sovereignty until the Konkastians managed an ambitious false coup. Now, the world is occupied, and unaware that their entire history for the last few years is a sham.
  • Ulugool ~ A large collection of independent planets and colonies. They are the source of innovation for much of the technology in the Local Cluster, including the steam based engines that power the starships. Due to the sieges of their colonies by Konkast, they have been teetering on the brink of war with their stellar neighbors. They are also the home base of the trading company Perihelion.
  • Montares ~ The largest single solar system based government in the cluster. The homeworld of Montares is considered a holy land by many religions, and there are hundreds of monastaries and shrines through the planet. There are also four terraformed planets and moons, each with their own special signifigance. Considered neutral in the pending war between Konkast and Ulugool, Montares is shielded by impermeable defense systems.
  • Yertarf ~ A small, primitive world, one of the first occupied by the Konkastians. Known for their valuable mining and forestry resources.

The Seven Sisters

  • A planetary nebula with dozens of newly born stars, including seven large ones. They are on the farthest edge of the Local Cluster, nearly four hundred light years away from Montares. The nebula is the original home of the Pharinae, a race of light-based beings who colonized the galaxy three million years ago. The tiny humanoids, known colloquially as "fairies," altered the evolution of most of the intelligent species in the galaxy, giving rise to the "standard" humanoid body type. Although many primitive worlds view them as magical, they are simply based out of a different substance than ordinary matter, and can interact with all wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum. They do have some unusual abilities, such as being able to manipulate baryonic matter at the molecular level.


  • Almost a thousand light years away from the center of the Local Cluster, this primitive planet has no contact with the people from the stars, until a high speed chase through hyperspace turns Eneria d'Munt into an unintentional ambassador. But this planet has secrets of its own, and may not be that friendly to those that come from outer space.