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An Imperfect Princess Available on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

  • Princess Eneria d'Munt of Lathlor has been chased over a thousand light years away from home by the Konkastians. Unfortunately, her spaceship has crashed on a primitive planet, where they haven't even gotten past steam power! She meets James Holding, the Earl of Courtland, who agrees to help her contact her family. Disaster strikes when the Konkastians follow her to Earth, and she must fight back using nothing more than her wits and the resources of Victorian science.

An Imperfect Destiny Coming Spring 2016

  • Princess Vazeria d'Tar is the sole heir of the late Second King of Lathlor. She has been hiding out from her fiance, Prince Xyling of Konkast, determined not to let him have her as his trophy bride. Her true love is Seth Heshina, who has been working as a courier for Perihelion much like her cousin Eneria. On a supply run to planet Earth, he is kidnapped, and Vaz finds herself in the position of being the princess rescuing the commoner! A devastating family secret may still tear the two lovers apart for the second time in their lives.

An Imperfect Kingdom Coming in 2017

  • Lady Clarissa Brookfield had her life all planned out: She was going to take the Season by storm, catch herself a rich, titled husband, and live in comfort and security for the rest of her life. Everything changed when a spaceship crashed off the coast of her brother-in-law's estate. Since then, she found herself unsure of what to believe about the world around her. A mysterious stranger may hold the key to her happiness . . . except he's an alien from outer space, and her friend Eneria's sworn enemy!

An Imperfect Bride Coming in 2018

  • Lady Marilyn Holding had always been known as the strange one - a strange child who grew into an overly bookish young woman who was too smart for her own good. Will Lord Matthew Cholmondeley be able to accept her for who she is - and all the spaceships in her family's closet as well?